We are I

performance with Ahad Moslemi

Ph Sonia Bellinaso



We are I

We are is the concept used by politicians to create a cultural and social context.

We are is the act, the linguistic act, they use to lead people into a specific direction; where

people take part of a group and they feel part of the same without no choice.

Being part of a group means to be surrounded  by a sensation of togetherness which

pushes away the sensation of loneliness. This togetherness' feeling creates a specific dynamic.   

We are is the thin, sharp, silent strength that put everything together, in a positive way

and in a negative one: both positive and negative.

We are is not always a common place, and in this case we rediscover the dimension of the I.



I am not.


We are is the difference in between the politic' acts and the people. It is the linguistic act that creates an Identity. It doesn't matter if it is false, distort or misrepresent.

The focus is here: We are.


                                                                                                            We are I,  two performances linked in a dialogue, Alice Mestriner & Ahad Moslemi, 2018