Curriculum Vitae: ALICE MESTRINER                                              



DATE OF BIRTH: 09/07/1994

MOBILE PHONE: +39 349 77 20 140








2008 - 2013   Artistic studies at ''LICEO ARTISTICO STATALE DI TREVISO'' - Michelangelo program - specializaed in sculpture. Treviso, Italy.

2013 - 2017   Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts and Multi-media at I.U.A.V (UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURE OF VENICE), Venice, Italy.

Leader course teachers:

Mario Airò, Angela Vettese, Camillo Trevisan, Luisa Mensi, Guido Guidi, Angela Mengoni, Liliana Moro,Carmelo Marabello, Adrian Paci, Agnes Alice Kohlmeyer, Vittorio Girotto, Davide Rocchesso, Luca Trevisani, Paolo Garbolino, Klain Marlene, Klaus Obermaier, Marco De Michelis, Monica Centanni, Emanuele Arielli.

Summer University  Workshop with :

-  The two Gullivers, ( Flutura & Besnik Haxhillari).

-   Interactive video art workshop with Klaus Obermaier

2018   Erasmus+, Mobility of Youth Workers, ''Social Inclusion Through Artistic Tools'',  London,UK      

2016    Internship in Trois-Rivières, Quèbec, Canada. Curator’s Assistant in several galleries, with different curators, (specific hereafter).

2015   Erasmus program semester in Turkey at Hacettepe University of Ankara, with: Zuhal Baysar, Aslı Işıksal Mercan, Ceren Erel, Serap Emmungil, Atila Kaan.


Workshop  ''How to decode this Contemporary Art" curated by Alice Mestriner and Ahad Moslemi


2017    ''Expanding Exhibitions: Innovative Approaches to Curating'', at NODE Institute  of Berlin , with Lauren Reid.


Alberto PhStill, ''Natural Yoga'' 2013. ''Digital Photography'' with Francesco Fontana, 2014. ''Street Photoraphy'' with Marc de Tollenaere, 2015. Gianpaolo Arena, ''The photography: A story by images'', 2017


 A project by Francesco Nordio, ''LABOUR BOOK + SELFMADE RESIDENCY'',  Calle del Forno, 2093, Via Garibaldi, Venice,  2017


2019 Artist Talk, Jaleh Gallery, in collaboration with DA Theatre and RAH Residency, Tehran

2019 Finalist at COMBAT ART PRIZE, Livorno.

2019 Finalist Artist, Malamegi Lab13, Milano

2019 Curator Assistant at B#S Gallery, Treviso

2018       Since October 2017 member of the jury at APEXART, New York City

2018       Started to curating the Art Pavillion at ''SilArt'' festival with Ahad Moslemi, Quinto di Treviso, Italy

2018      Assistant of the gallerist Chimène Ishaka, gallerist of ''Five Continents Gallery'' -(Canada Pavilion) - to Ankara Contemporary Art Fair, Ankara,


 2017      Member of the jury at APEXART, New York City

 2017      Photographer and cover photographer of the catalog '' Opera Domestica '', worked for the artist Ola- Dele Kuku

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2016       Curator of the event: "A continuous state of Time" with the artists: Ola-Dele Kuku, Ahad Moslemi e Giacomo Carlesso.

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 2016       Biennale di Venezia, Camilla Boemio's Curator Assistant at Nigerian Pavilion.

 2016       Invited to participate in the selection jury to choose the winner artists for the exhibition: ‘'exposition bénéfice'' with Eric Lord, director of de

Culture Mauricie.

 2016      Galerie d'art du Parc, 864 Rue des Ursulines, Trois-Rivières, QC, Christiane Simoneau's curator assistant for "La Biennale nationale de sculpture


2016     Galerie d'art du Parc, 864 Rue des Ursulines, Trois-Rivières, QC.  Worked as a curator's assistant of Christiane Simoneau.

2016    Galerie R3, Trois-Rivières, QC. Lorraine Beaulieu's curator assistant for the exhibition  "De L'UQTR's" collection.

2016      Galerie R3, Trois-Rivières, QC. Curator's assistant for the exhibition  "Revitalisart" with the Colombian artist Javier Escamilla H.

2016      Galerie R3, Trois-Rivières, QC. Aimè Zayed's curator assistant for the exhibition "Alexandrian Artist" with the Egyptian artists : Moustapha Abdel

Moity, Safaa Abd ElSala, Tarek Zabadi.       

2016     Assistant in the conférence at  L’Universidad Autónoma del  Estado du Mexique (UAEMEX) « Corps métamorphosé au corps imprimé »



2012    GRAND CENTRAL ART CENTER, Photography exhibition ''Portrait'' 125 N – Broadway - Santa Ana -  CA 92701

 2015     Magazzini Ligabue, Venezia, ''Making art'' with Mario Airò

2015     Magazzini Ligabue, Venezia, Laboratory exhibition with Adrian Paci

2015     Magazzini Ligabue, Venezia, Laboratory exhibition with Luca Trevisani

2016     Magazzini Ligabue, Venezia, ''FRAGILE'', with Liliana Moro

 2016     Exhibition Project ''Pliè'', Universitad  de Vigo. International nomad project. Curated by Mylène Gervais.

2017     Performer in ''Body and Soul'' for ORLAN at Palazzo Pisani, Venice, Italy

 2017     Exhibition ''Identity in Process'' at Spazio Lazzari, (Tv), with the artists: Ahad Moslemi  and Tony Benetton

2017    Exhibition ''Echoes and Horizons'', Melina Mercouri Hall, Hydra Island, Greece

2017   Collaborated as light designer for the collective 4th WALL PICTURES in ''L'ultimo ballo'',

              Vicolo S.Massimo 11, 35129, Padova, Italy.


2018      Presented the performance ''di-monologue'' to MODULAR SPACE, Villorba - Italy, a project in  collaboration with the artist Ahad Moslemi.

2018      Exhibiton ''Identity Ineraction'' to Villa Memo Giordani, Quinto di Treviso - Italy.

2018      Participated in the Art Festival ''Sottosopra'', Castelfranco Veneto - Italy

2018      Exhibition at ''Saba Gallery'', Tehran, Iran

2018      Exhibition ''STILL LIFE'', B#S Gallery Treviso, Italy

 2018     Exhibition "12X2 ACTIONS - Performance di Ruchi Anadkat", at B#S Gallery Treviso, Italy.

2019 Exhibition "PERIPHERAL VISIONS”, curated by iodeposito and Alessandro Senno, Ex Caserma Polmare, Trieste, Italy

2019 MICRO, Air Gallery, Manchester

2019 Invasion and Go Back, MACAO, Milano

2019 Hernandez Gallery, Milano

2019 Public#Intimacy, B#S Gallery, Treviso

2019 Assenza|Presenza, Palazzo Malmignati, Rovigo

2019 Combat Prize, Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori - Fortezza Nuova Sala Degli Archi, Livorno

2019 ‘‘INFIAMMAZIONE FRONTALE’’, M.O.N.A - Museum of New Media, VR.

ART FAIR         

2018     ArtVerona, Verona Contemporary Art Fair, presented by the gallery iodeposito.



2018    Published on ''mug'' Magazine

2018   Oblique Studio, ''retabloid'' fiction issue n#1, photographs from the project ''The Arupa and the image in Action'', Rome, Italy

2018    Twenty Cent Art Group, ''Identity Interaction: un'identità tesa alla perfezione'', curated by Anna Marion

2019 Catalogue, Lab 13, Milano

2019 Catalogue COMBAT ART


2016   Honor Mention of MONOCHROME-AWARDS. On of the 25 honored photograph

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