Photo, Valle de Bravo ( MX ), 2016

This is a reflection deal with verbal and visual languages about their interaction on the comprehension that leads to a new creation of the images borders.
The issue which moves the development of this project research is to show in a series of images what it means the mimesis of contemporary days, that means to recreate and to rebuilding the mimesis, the new mimesis, it is translated and edited to the new conception of the temporal development and the development of modern vision, where the time of fruition is changed and it has carried with it-self also the definition and thee image's identity defined as mimetic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          To defined an image into certain limits it is just something that belongs to a past language's action and translation which disturb image's border and limits. The image is the center of the Arupa: the inform, the potential of vagueness that leaves open the possibility of understanding and creating our meanings and limitations of the image through the limits of our language, without forgetting that they are too fragile and arbitrary. Another concept within the new mimicry is the concept of cryptotype, defined by Whorf, which was taken and reworked in function of the image. It is a submerged, subtle, elusive meaning that does not correspond to any real word or image, but also the linguistic analysis shows the functional importance in the grammar or in image's structure. The word or the image has no longer a definition but multiple definitions based on the context in which they are placed. Images and words are in action and each keeps it within their frame, the storyboard of all the instances through which it has been created or it has been translated (seen) and must show its becoming. In the eyes of the guest, the whole and the overlapping of his past identities are always present. The image is a mutant being. The change takes place inside the gape, where the image re-elaboration takes place by the hand of our language, which is a personal code.